The Best Of Opera Masterpieces: 6 Hours
More than 6 hours of some of the greatest Opera Classics in their original vocal format with orchestra accompaniment...
MOZART: Complete German Dances & Menuets Volume 1
...three and a half hours of Mozart: What's not to like?
...30 Most Beautiful Classical Piano Pieces... Bravo!
...great for traveling around the world on a budget...
Toshiya Sukegawa: Bioçic Music: Jewels: CAPTAIN'S CHOICE a music box full of beautiful gems...FIVE STARS: Toshiya Sukegawa --Bioçic Music: Jewels (1994) [Full Album]
Sreve Kuhn | Pavane For A Dead Princess
Sreve Kuhn | Pavane For A Dead Princess... jazz treatments of Classical favorites
10 Hours of Koshi Wind Chimes Earth, Air, Water, Fire - Video & Audio [1080HD]
Great nature clips. Breathtaking and relaxing...over 3 hours in 4K
Mendelssohn: Piano Works... Luckyboy Explorer the mood for Mendelssohn? here's enough for almost four hours...
Classical Music - Cello... Captain's thumbs up!
Dedicated to the inner cello in all of us... includes song and composer id's...
Fast, Energetic Classical Music and then some...
...includes electrically charged thunderstorm to help set the stage...
The Best Jazz Songs of All Time ...Captain's Pick
From Lionel Hampton to Billie Holiday and Benny Goodman ...a two and half hour journey!
1 Hour of Vintage Spring Music to get you up and moving again...
Those Old Records: A Vintage Music Playlist
The Luckyboy Explorer Time Machine takes you back a few decades, quite a few actually!
Heavy, Fast Classical Music CLASSICAL on steroids
Sometimes you just want to raise the bar a level or two...
John Coltrane - My Favorite Things (1961) (Full Album)
John Coltrane: Coltrane for Lovers... FIVE STARS
...includes one of my personal favorites... Nancy With The Smiling Face...
Miles Davis: Sketches of Spain: CAPTAIN'S CHOICE
Miles Davis - Sketches of Spain (1960) (Full Album) Classic Jazz at it's best
New York Trio: Begin The Beguine
An Hour Of Cole Porter Songs... stirred not shaken
One of the world's most interesting orchestras from their beginnings... way too much fun!
Penguin Cafe Orchestra part-2 LIVE FROM ROYAL ALBERT HALL
A recent live recording of Penguin Cafe Orchestra from Royal Albert Hall in London, Captain's Choice...
Don Ellis Jazz Band: SOARING of the more innovative Jazz Bands... best to have seat belts buckled just in case...
FEELINGS... Milt Jackson & Strings... CAPTAIN'S CHOICE
Definitely an album you'll want to add to your collection... Luckyboy Explorer Approved
Bill Evans Solo Sessions I-II CAPTAIN'S CHOICE
Bill Evans, solo piano, popular favorites... instant time machine, what's not too like?
Andreas Vollenweider & Friends... QUIET SPACES Special-Edition
Presentation of the new album QUIET PLACES. With Isabel Gehweiler, cello and Walter Keiser, drums More info:
SPOTLIGHT ON KURIOS ... part eleven of 3 parts...
The show behind the show is incredible!
Andreas Vollenweider Mix of Favorites
Andreas Vollenweider Mix of Favorites
Relaxing with Bach Luckyboy Approved
...your opportunity to take an almost 2 hour Bach Break!
[email protected] Mini Concert 9 Andreas Vollenweider
Andreas and Walter are juggling with some of their favourite songs.
Andreas Vollenweider White Wind
Andreas Vollenweider somewhere between classical, jazz, and the Swiss Alps
Luckyboy tested... relaxing with Vivaldi
...when only Vivaldi will do, this will get the job done...
Classical Music for Studying, Concentration, Relaxation...
...defintely one of the better Classical collections I've found so far... Almost 6 1/2 hours
City of the Future: Singapore: ...ARE WE THERE YET?
Full Episode | National Geographic... THE SOLUTIONS MAY BE CLOSER THAN WE THOUGHT
S̲a̲ntana̲ - A̲braxa̲s (Full Album) 1970
...falls in the CLASSIC HITS catagory
Silk Road Lounge: Caravanserai ...CAPTAIN'S CHOICE
...assuming your camel is packed and watered, push begin my journey and enjoy the ride!
The Best Baroque Classical Music Ever... Captain's Choice
Nearly 6 Hours of The Best Baroque Classical Music Ever
Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabaté - Ali & Toumani
...sometimes the musical path less traveled can be among the most rewarding...
FIVE HOURS ON A LAKE... Nagano Prefecture, Japan
Natural sound and 4K video... Lake in the forest | Natural lake and bird calls 5 h
Jean-Michel Jarre: Oxygene 2: Captain's Choice
...almost more fresh air than one can take in a single sitting!
R Carlos Nakai Canyon Trilogy: ...For the inner explorer
Song For the Morning Star: Daybreak Vision: Canyon People: Turquoise World: Homage to the Ancient Ones... two hours
Takashi Kokubo ~ Forest Of Ion... first of three
(Forest Of Ion) (Twilight) (Sanctuary) Music for the inner Luckyboy Explorer in a set of 3 albums
Takashi Kokubo: The Day I Saw The Rainbow
(The Day I Saw The Rainbow) (Wind Of The Prairie)(Wheatear) five stars
Takashi Kokubo: Oasis Of The Wind II ~ FIVE STARS
Takashi Kokubo (小久保隆) - Oasis Of The Wind II ~ A Story Of Forest And Water ~ (1993) [Full Album]
PAT METHENY GROUP: To The End of the World: Five Stars
extended one hour version for the dedicated LUCKYBOY EXPLORER...
Between – Silence Beyond Time ...into other worlds
...want to take a trip? Final boarding call for all Luckyboy Explorers...
Vivaldi: Mandolin and Lute Concerti Captain's Choice
Definitely should be on your must listen list...
Romantic Harp Concertos... Captain's Choice
Romantic Harp Concertos - Handel, Mozart...Classical Playlist
Telemann: Tafelmusik... LuckyBoy Explorer
Composer: Georg Philipp Telemanm Artists: Il Rossignolo, Musica Amphion
Baroque Concertos: Bach, Vivaldi, Corelli... FIVE STARS
...over two hours of great classical masterpieces... Captain's Choice
Eddie Higgins Trio Amor: ...Captain's Choice
surprisingly delightful jazz album...
Ravi Shankar: The Spirit of India: FULL ALBUM
Ravi Shanka:: The Spirit of India... CAPTAIN'S CHOICE
Ray Lynch: Deep Breakfast... ...WAY TOO COOL!
Memories from 1984 to help you carry on...
Hiroshi Yoshimura: Wet Land... ...Umbrella Optional!
MUSIC FOR THE MIND ...a magical journey while staying in one place...
Classical Waltzes: Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Chopin... 5 STARS
Over two hours of some of the world's favorite Waltzes... includes full identification of selections...
6 hours in the forest... LUCKYBOY EXPLORER
chirping birds and entertaining squirrel... as real as it gets...
Oldfield: Tubular Bells... LuckyBoy Explorer
Something from the Captain to nibble on... 2 pianos and 2 synthesizers
Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber
COVID CELLO PROJECT 10 "Adagio for Strings" by Samuel Barber
The Captain presents a couple hours of Sibelius...
Sibelius - Finlandia, Karelia Suite, Valse Triste .. + Presentat° (Cent. rec. : Sir John Barbirolli)
Carillon (A tower filled with 100 tons of bells) CAPTAIN'S PICK
some the size of a car, that you play with a massive keyboard at the top of the tower.
the theremin...Carolina Eyck PART ONE! it just a flight of fancy or an amazing flight of the bumblebee?
How to play a Theremin... PART TWO
Learning one of the most unique instruments I know of from master theremin player Carolina Eyck.
"Dancefloor With Pulsing" for Theremin and Orchestra
PART 3... Carolina Eyck plays lead Theremin with a full symphony orchestra... not for the faint of heart!
Easy Jazz for Winter Listening ...CAPTAIN'S CHOICE
Winter Night Jazz Music - Stress relief - Relaxing Cafe Jazz Music For Sleep, Work, Study
Controlling a MASSIVE pipe organ with my computer
Fantasy for Pipe organ and Midi Computer... way too cool!